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1998 Schedule Of Seminars And Conferences

Information regarding each of these seminars and conferences is being
added to this section frequently. Check back often to view information
on the seminar or conference of your choice.  

For additional information about our 1998 conferences and seminars
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Schedule as of June 22, 1998 (please keep checking for updates)
c o n f e r e n c e s  
Issues in Information Management ’98
     July 15-17, 1998 Breckenridge, CO
The Enterprise Architecture Forum
     August 24-26, 1998 Scottsdale, AZ


s e m i n a r s  
Managing the Data Warehouse Effort: Advanced Topics
     by Bill Inmon, Claudia Imhoff, Lowell Fryman, and Larry Gosselin
     March 23-26 Orlando, FL
     May 18-21 Albuquerque – Santa Fe, NM
     September 28-October 1 Chicago, IL
     December 1-4 Washington, DC
Gaining Insight from the Data Warehouse
     by Claudia Imhoff, and Sue Osterfelt


     April 15-17 Chicago, IL
     July 20-22 Lake Tahoe, NV
     October 19-21 Orlando, FL
Essential Facilitation – Practical Techniques for the Practitioner
     by Ellen Gottesdiner


     March 31-April 2 San Diego, CA
     May 19-21 Washington, DC
     September 15-17 Chicago, IL
     November 17-19 Orlando, FL
Data Warehousing: From Concept to Creation
     by J D Welch


     April 6-7 Washington, DC
     June 8-9 Albuquerque – Santa Fe, NM
     August 31-September 1 Seattle, WA
     November 9-10 Orlando, FL
Object Oriented Analysis and Design Using UML:
From the Basics to Advanced Practice
     by James Odell


     March 10-13 San Diego, CA
     May 18-21 Albuquerque – Santa Fe, NM
     October 12-15 Seattle, WA
     December 7-10 Orlando, FL
Zachman Framework Based Data Warehouse Program
     by Jonathan Geiger


     April 8-9 Washington, DC
     June 10-11 Albuquerque – Santa Fe, NM
     September 3-4 Chicago, IL
     December 3-4 Orlando, FL
Designing the Operational Data Store
     by Joyce Norris-Montanari, and Lowell Fryman


     March 30-April 1 San Diego, CA
     May 13-15 Washington, DC
     September 21-23 Boston, MA
     November 16-18 Orlando, FL
Data Warehouse Data Modeling: Key to Decision Support Success
     by Joyce Norris-Montanari, and Jonathan Geiger


     April 1-3 San Diego, CA
     May 11-13 Washington, DC
     July 8-10 San Francisco, CA
     August 31-September 2 Chicago, IL
     November 18-20 Orlando, FL
Implementing the Year 2000: Find it – Fix it – Test it
     by Lou Marcoccia


     March 26-27 Orlando, FL
     May 21-22 Albuquerque – Santa Fe, NM
     August 6-7 Boston, MA
     September 24-25 Chicago, IL
     November 12-13 Washington, DC
Data Reverse Engineering: How To Slay The Legacy Data Dragon
     by Dr. Peter Aiken


     March 16-19 Orlando, FL
     June 1-4 Albuquerque – Santa Fe, NM
     July 7-10 Colorado Springs, CO
     August 17-20 Seattle, WA
     October 5-8 Washington, DC
The Business Rules Approach
Complete Requirements Development
for the Business and IT Professional
     by Ronald G. Ross, and Gladys S. W. Lam


     March 2-6 Atlanta, GA
     April 27-May 1 San Francisco, CA
     June 15-19 Chicago, IL
     August 10-14 Breckenridge, CO
     October 5-9 Washington, DC
Using Universal Data Models To Jump Start
Your Data Modeling & Data Warehouse Efforts
     by Len Silverston, Quest Data Solutions, LLC


     March 11-13 Newport Beach
     June 10-12 Denver
     August 31-September 2 Chicago
     December 2-4 Orlando
Data Modeling: Requirements, Analysis, and Design
     by Ronald G. Ross


     March 16-20 Atlanta, GA
     May 11-15 Washington, DC
     August 17-21 Chicago, IL
     November 16-20 Houston, TX
Implementing and Managing Enterprise Architecture
Using the Zachman Framework
     by John Zachman, and Sam Holcman


     March 18-20 Orlando, FL
     May 13-15 Albuquerque – Santa Fe, NM
     August 3-5 Washington, DC
     November 18-20 San Diego, CA
Data Resource Management and Data Analysis
     by Bill Smith


     March 30-April 1 Marina Del Ray, CA
     May 4-6 Washington, DC
     July 20-22 San Francisco, CA
     September 28-30 Boston, MA
     December 7-9 San Diego, CA
Seminar Pricing
     2 Day $995
     3 Day $1295
     4 Day $1595
     5 Day $1795
Conference Pricing
     3 Day $1295



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