Poker is a skill, strategy, and luck-based game that also requires social interaction with other players. As a result, it’s crucial to behave appropriately when playing in a poker room. We’ll go over some important dos and don’ts for every player of hawkplay poker in this article.


Be considerate of your teammates. This entails abstaining from any impolite or disrespectful actions, such as cursing, reprimanding other players, or making fun of them for their errors.

Keep an eye on what’s happening. To avoid sabotaging the game or making mistakes, it’s critical to stay informed of what’s going on at all times. This entails keeping an eye on the dealer, comprehending the sequence of events, and monitoring the amount of money in the pot.

Keep your cards face down on the desk. This avoids any misconceptions or confusion regarding the current condition of the game and helps to make sure that other players can see that you are still in the hand.

Move in turn. It’s crucial to wait for your turn before taking any action so that other players can also participate. This includes not interfering with the game’s flow by acting before your turn, as this can reveal information about your hand.

Honor the dealer. It’s crucial to treat the dealer with respect and consideration because they are in charge of managing the game. This entails avoiding chastising or belittling them for any errors and tipping them as necessary.


Don’t splash the pot or sluggish roll. Splashing the pot is when a player pours chips into the pot carelessly, while slow rolling is when a player purposefully takes their time before showing a powerful hand. Both of these actions have the potential to be considered rude and might interfere with the game’s flow.

While it is still in play, don’t talk about your hand. This includes keeping your cards a secret from other players and refraining from telling them how strong your hand is. This can reveal information about your game plan and lessen everyone’s enjoyment of the game by making it less fair.

Avoid being sidetracked. At all times, you should keep your attention on the game and avoid being distracted by your phone, other people, or anything else. This can make the game take longer and put you at a disadvantage in terms of gameplay and strategy.

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